The Tableau Public Checklist

It happens every week - after I post a new visualization on Tableau Public and/or share the link via Twitter, I realize I forgot to do something.  Whether it's a missing URL, forgetting the device designer, or default tooltip formatting, I seem to forget something. 

Coincidentally, I finished reading the Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande ( and thought I could apply some of the techniques to improve the quality of my work.  As such, I created a discipline checklist - a list of things to consider before every post.  My intention is for this to be a living document and hope to include your feedback/best practices as well.  

Finally, special thanks to @acrahen, @DrexelPooja, @josh_tapley, @taawwmm, @prettylawful and @drawwithdata for your input in helping get this version published.


Data Visualization Checklist 
 ☐ Did you include the source reference?
 ☐ Do you want to include personal branding?
       ☐ If yes and not using images, add a transparent image over the text to link to the url
☐ Do you want to make a mobile version?
☐ Did you format all Tooltips? 
☐ Did you turn off the command controls?
☐ Did you want to block any clicks on the dashboard? (use a blank sheet)
☐ If the font is important, did you use images rather than text?
☐ Did you make sure your dashboard actions are working correctly and only impacting the desired sheets
☐ Do you want a stand-alone visualization? (add this after the URL: &:showVizHome=no)
☐ Did you hide your sheets (and delete any unused sheets)
☐ Did you make sure your fonts match across your dashboard
☐ Did you spell check your text/titles?
      ☐ Did you cover up the Open Street logos (sorry Open Street)   
      ☐ Did you turn off map panning and zooming

Twitter Checklist
☐ Do you want to post your dashboard directly or a blog post?
☐ Did you use a URL Shortener
     Google =
☐ Did you mention @tableaupublic
☐ Did you make an image of the viz and attach to your tweet? 
☐ Do you want to include a gif?    
☐ Did you want to time your tweet for a specific day/time? (use

#MakeoverMonday Checklist
☐ Did you use hashtag #MakeoverMonday
☐ Did you mention both @VizWizBI and @TriMyData
☐ Did you include a static image (not a gif!)