Creating a custom Shapefile via Mapbox

For my #IronViz Geospatial Contest Entry, I was really itching to create a visualization on the Magic Kingdom.  Once the context was announced, I searched for hours and came up empty handed.  Rather than move it, I attempted to create a custom shapefile of the park using Mapbox and a converter tool (Ogre) to build this submission.  

How to create a custom Shapefile

1) Login to the Mapbox Studio ( - account required)
2) Click on Dataset on the left and then the New Dataset button on the right (and name your dataset when prompted)

3. Using the Search tools on the right, find the location in the map you are looking to create.

4.  Once you have your location, use the polygon tool to outline your shape.  Note: (the line shape is tempting to use, however, Tableau does not currently support shapefiles generated via lines in 10.2)

5. Click to trace around the map as desired.  The more points, the more detailed the shape. Create as many shapes as needed. 

6. After your shapes are created, create columns (i.e. Field) and a value to associate with the shapes and confirm/save. 

7.  After your shapes are completed, save the dataset (it will confirm all of your changes) and go back to the main dataset page (same as step 2)

8. Download your map as GeoJSON by clicking on the hamburger menu to the right of the Edit button.  You will see a pop-up with an option to Download as GeoJSON.


9) Open the GeoJSON file from Tableau 10.2 and start playing with your new shapes!

(Edit: Thanks to Sean Miller for the tip to make this even easier and removing 3 steps! Tableau supports GeoJSON)

Finally, here is a link to the Magic Kingdom data: