Create your own font to personalize your work

When I started publishing on Tableau Public earlier this year, I was looking for a unique way to brand my work. I went down the path of trying to create a fun blog name along with a custom logo and hated every iteration.  I ultimately decided to go for simple and personal - I would use my handwritten name on my work.


To create this logo, I built a custom font of my handwriting and then used screenshots to create an image I could add to my work.  

Here is how I did it:


  1. Visit

  2. Download and print their font template

  3. Fill it out using a good black pen.  I had the best results with a Fine-tip Sharpie

  4. Scan the template file at 600 dpi in portrait to a PDF (I made this mistake of scanning at 72 dpi; the font will work but will look terrible)

  5. Upload your PDF on and select your output file as TTF (see below)

            6. Once you have your TTF file, double click the file and install it on your computer.  

             7. Open your application of choice (I used Word below) and test out your new font


            8.  Last step - create an image of your font.  I recommend two versions; black text on a white                                  background and the reverse.  Take a screenshot of your completed text to save your images. 

                 (To add transparency to the images, check out Josh Tapley's blog)