New Tool Album - 2016 Edition

It’s been a decade since Tool’s last album, 10,000 Days. While there have been rumors of a new album in the works for the past three years, I hope this is the year!  While we wait, I performed an analysis of their four studio albums to get some insights on how the band has evolved lyrically and the album contents.

The trends suggest we’ll see about 10 or 11 tracks with songs getting slightly longer and at least two filler tracks (i.e. tracks with no lyrics, sound effects or a song intro).  Lyrically, we can export more complex songs in multiple categories (syllables, word length, unique words, complex words, reading level, lexical density).  Finally, from the sentiment analysis, the lyrics are trending to a possibly neutral or positive vibe.  I guess this can de a demonstration that teenage angst does regress to the mean after a quarter of a century.